AFK Arena Redemption Codes

AFK Arena Redemption Codes

You want to have Hero Soulstones and other valuable items for AFK Arena? And that also for lukewarm? Then you need an AFK Arena Redemption Code – like the AFK Arena Codes, which we list you in this article.

AFK Arena looks and is fun. But moving forward in AFK Arena is – as with other idle games such as Idle Heroes – very tedious. Sure, with enough patience, you will advance in the AFK Arena campaign or in the Dark Forest with all its challenges mini-ride for mini-ride. But is not that faster?

The good news: Yes, it is faster and, above all, much less tedious. The solution is called AFK Arena Codes. These are combinations of letters and numbers provided by AFK Arena developers on special occasions or to specific individuals for the purpose of advertising.

If you enter such an AFK Arena code in the game (where exactly, you see in the picture above), depending on the AFK Arena Code you will get a bunch of diamonds (with which you can buy new heroes in the tavern and equipment in the tavern) as well plenty of Soulstones (for the Hero Summon) and some Scrolls (to summon in the Tavern). The bad news: Such an AFK Arena code is only valid for a certain amount of time – if you see it too late, you have to wait for the next one.

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Complete list of all AFK Arena Redemption codes

Below we list all the AFK Arena Redemption codes that we know about – broken down into elapsed and still active ones so you can see at a glance which AFK Arena codes you can safely ignore. If you have an AFK Arena Code ready, which is not listed here, please let us know (and all other AFK Arena players) in the comment section!

We recommend a bookmark for this page, as the list of AFK Arena Redemption Codes will be updated with new AFK Arena Codes as soon as they become known!

Working Codes


AFK Arena 10 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

AFK Arena 10 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

A new mobile arena full of heroes and beasts is here!

Lilith Games has developed a brand new mobile RPG, simply known as the AFK Arena . AFK Arena is a deceptively deep game, so let us guide you to the tips that will make you a battle-hardened champion.

Here are the 10 most important tips, tricks and cheats you need to know AFK Arena :

1.Focus on trekking throughout the campaign until you’re comfortable with most other game modes

AFK Arena Tasks to pounce head-on into PvP combat, an increasing number of enemies to defeat, bounty quests, and a variety of other combat modes to enjoy.

2.Let your heroes destroy the opposition and then upgrade them after each completed battle

Eventually you will accumulate a multitude of heroes fighting for your cause.

Before a fight, in the group setup screen, tap the icons in the upper left and right corners of the screen to get an idea of ​​the bonuses associated with certain Hero arrangements.

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AFK Arena tips & tricks

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

3.If you are trying to recruit new heroes, you should choose the “Summon 10” option

If you add new heroes to your army, you can take a trip to the “Noble Tavern“. You have every opportunity to recruit new characters through different types of collectibles.

4.Reset your common heroes in the Rickety Cart and use whatever they return to you for your higher level heroes

The best heroes in AFK Arena It happens to be those who are rated “Rare” or “Elite”.

5.Travel to the Ascension Temple once you have three specimens of a particular hero

Remember, as we mentioned, the “Summon 10” option is the best way to recruit new heroes?

6.Choose relics that will boost your health and defense during Maze Play, and do not forget to use Wizard Heroes

In “The Dark Forest” is the “Arcane Labyrinth“, a grid-based combat mode that resets its layout every 48 hours.

The relics you should always equip are those that give your group a health, energy, and defense-based advantage.

7.Use the other modes in the Dark Forest and the Ranhorn

The Dark Forest and Ranhorn modes offer countless additional features.

If everything is unlocked in both modes, you should spend some time getting everything you have access to.

8.Go to the chat, add some friends and use them to increase the number of heroes

Sun AFK Arena The Friends option allows you to add up to 30 online friends to your friends list.

Complete your 30-friends list quickly, so you’ll always have a huge selection of companion points to collect from friends and recruit heroes.

9.Keep track of your completed quests and head off to your unfulfilled quests

In the main menu, the “Quests” tab is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

10.Do not forget to reach the goals associated with events and choose the right time to break your golden chest

Another series of achievements that you should regularly achieve are the successes associated with “events”. Events usually give you great items just to log in on different days, while other event types allow you to do a certain number of tasks in a single day

Once you’re ready to end your daily game session AFK Arena Touch the golden chest in the main menu before saying goodbye. Gather a healthy portion of the rewards you earned in the background during the game.

AFK Arena – Best Heroes Tier List

AFK Arena – Best Heroes Tier List

When it comes to AFK Arena, it is important to select the best heroes for your team. When you focus on them, you waste as few resources as possible and build a team that is sustainable in the long run and extremely powerful against any opponent.

To help you build such a team, here’s this AFK Arena Ranking list to help you figure out which are the best heroes in the game and build your team accordingly.

Keep in mind that opinions may differ when it comes to creating leaderboards and other things. Depend heavily on which heroes you unlock. Although some heroes are definitely better than others, there are many options for you, depending on what you have unlocked.

But in any case, it’s worth keeping an eye on the list of the best characters. At least you have a more informed opinion about who you should go up and who you should ignore, so let’s just keep going and see our AFK Arena Ranking below.

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Best Heroes in the AFK Arena (S + Tier)

Vedan – The Demise

Currently one of the most op characters at a high level. His most important ability is to turn into a bat colony for a few seconds. During this time, he is immune to attacks of any kind, causing damage and leeches. I’ve seen how many people master the Arenas with a high level of Vedan and Level 1 filler. He is really good!

Brutus – The Blood Claw

Another amazing hero who can win single matches. His mastery is getting better as you improve him, gain life blood and become a massive dealer of damage. Once you have unlocked his Last Gasp ability, he becomes invincible for a few seconds, which is just enough to win a fight. A huge, really solid hero!

Saveas – Strongheart

He seems a bit difficult to play and accept as he is constantly throttling HP to grow his values ​​and even heal, but once you have brought him to a decent level (40 and up), you will find that he is a real Beast is. Causes a ton of damage and lasts longer than you would expect.

Shemira – Corpsemaker

I thought about putting Shemira on the S-Plain, but decided to do so actually one of the best heroes in the game and brought her up. As you can see, leech heroes are high on the list because they are almost invincible. It also deals a lot of damage, knocking down enemies through casting skills … She is truly a top heroine with amazing values.

Nemora – Nature’s Heart

I think this is the first time we have a top layer healer, but Nemora is really good, especially if you pair them with Saveas or other top heroes who need extra healing. Not only is she an amazing healer, she also has a great second ability for enemies to attack her own troops. Brilliant!

Top Heroes in the AFK Arena (S-Level)

Athalia – harbinger of justice

A really good hero who does a ton of single target damage does a bit of healing and can stun enemies. Massive damage dealer and a big hero in total.

Tasi – Dreamhopper

She has an amazing ability – one that gets enemies to sleep for 5 seconds and she also receives more damage afterward. She also has an interesting mix of other abilities that make Banishment really interesting, simply banishing the strongest enemy from the battlefield for a while and allowing the team to focus on the rest.

Combine all this with the a bit of healing she does, and you have a really good all-around hero who is useful in all game situations.

Lucius – Lightbringer

This is a hero who offered it early in the game as a reward, which means it’s easier to top it up and use its full power.

He is a very solid support hero, protecting his allies for up to 10 seconds, which is enormous in combat. Besides, he regularly heals teammates and also causes AoE damage. A really good hero at a high level!

Belinda – Beam of Hope

A solid hero for AoE damage, Belinda has decent attacks and increased hit rates. It is also good for strengthening the strongest character in your team so that it can do more damage overall.

Fawkes – The defeat of death

He would definitely rank higher if he had more health. Nevertheless, he is a highly underrated hero with great debuffs. It inflicts AoE damage with its active skill, removing opponents from enemies, rendering some enemies unusable for up to 9 seconds, and slowing down enemy attacks. That’s really good in my opinion!

Ferael – Doomwhisper

An amazing damage dealer focused primarily on causing damage over time. His last skill has the disadvantage that he can only be activated if another teammate is dead … But even without him Ferael is really good with his haunting ghosts.

Good Heroes in the AFK Arena (Level A)

Lyca – Keeper of Glades

I really like her, to be honest, and I think she will even be taken to a higher level under the right circumstances. She has stack bonuses that will be useful in longer battles, generating energy for her teammates at the start of the fight, and she has healing … in my opinion, a good mix!

Khasos – The Unruly

Personally, I really like this hero. Some of his abilities sometimes work better due to the random factor, but in general he is a good cause of damage, he is fast and causes AoE damage. Really good if you do not have better options.

Silvina – The Taken Breath

Silvina is great for dealing with single-target damage, knocking down mages and preventing enemies from using their special abilities. It also causes massive damage, which is always useful.

Thoran – The fallen king

An interesting tank, which in my opinion is to play. He can do a great deal of damage under certain circumstances, he will reform himself and cause more damage … he is in most cases really good, although he can become quite useless if he is killed too soon.

Kaz – Hand of the wood

Great for causing single target damage. This type of hero is less useful in my opinion, but Kaz also increases evasion and is harder to kill. Overall, a good hero.

Niru – The Whispering Doom

A good tank that deals damage to the weakest enemy hero, the life of the leeches and heals teammates. He is a decent damage dealer and a good hero when there are no other better options in the game.

Ulmus – Aldermarrow

There is not much love for Ulmus, but I do not do it. I think he is so bad, especially after he has activated his abilities. As soon as he does, he will be really useful – but this is only for longer, more difficult battles, where you can actually exploit his roots.


This would be the best hero in AFK Arena, in my opinion. Do not forget that future updates, as is the case with these types of games, can change things a bit. Depending on other factors (such as the composition of the team), some of these heroes might work better than others.

It’s hard to make a list that governs everyone and makes everyone happy, but we’ve done our very best I firmly believe this list of levels is as accurate and useful as possible. If you need more tips and tricks, read our previous article.

If you have other opinions and feel that some heroes should be ranked higher – or some heroes that are not listed above would have done it To view the list, please leave us a comment:

AFK Arena tips & tricks

AFK Arena tips & tricks

Lilith Games recently launched the AFK Arena for mobile phones, a beautiful idle RPG game that immediately made us addicted. And we’re here to show you a bunch of AFK Arena tips and tricks in a full strategy guide to help you make the most of this great game.

With dozens of heroes unlocked and new levels reached. AFK Arena has something for every player that does exactly what makes the game so impressive. And as I said, we are here to help you get better in this game.

So do not waste a second and let’s look at some tips and tricks for the game below!

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Focus First on the Campaign

You want to get as far as possible in the campaign as fast as possible, as this will unlock most of the content of the game and give you some great rewards that will make your life much easier

After unlocking some interesting features in the Dark Forest (especially in the Labyrinth), you should focus on the campaign until you reach at least the first level of the third level. For a beginner, progress is fairly fair, and you’ll probably have over 20 heroes gathered so you can build a strong team.

Then you play the campaign as often as possible to do

Bring Gems to Summon Heroes in Batches of 10

Although gems are the main currency in the game, Lilith Games are extremely nice and they offer an early one ton of gems for free. After only playing for a few hours, you’ll have over 5,400 gems available, giving you 2 stacks of 10 heroes each.

Make sure that you buy Heroes for the first time only in batches of 10 each in the Noble Tavern. If you do, you are guaranteed to get a rarer Hero, and each time you do it you will pay less than unlock each Hero individually.

Ordinary Hero Heroes Are Useless [19659005] The Heroes of Common are absolutely useless in the game and you should not invest resources to improve them (especially not above level 10). Their only benefit is retirement for resources. So do not worry about letting them go as soon as you have them.

Add 30 Friends ASAP

friends are extremely important in the game because they are very important.

Make sure you add 30 active friends as soon as possible, and keep the list up to date with people who send you daily rewards. That way, you’ll unlock 3 heroes every day, and even though you only have a 2.41% chance of having an elite hero in a friend stamp summon, it’s still better than nothing.

If you do not have any real friends playing AFK Arena, go to the chat and post an “add me” message: your list will be full soon!

Keep track of the various stores (especially Labyrinth) [19659005] There are various shops where you can buy items with the different types of currencies you earn in the game. Best of all is the Labyrinth Store, where you can easily buy soulstones for rarer heroes: For 45,000 labyrinth stores, you can choose one of 4 monthly Ascend Tier Heroes. That’s a really sweet deal!

Other stores also offer good deals, but not as good as those in the labyrinth store for active players. In any case, you should constantly review them and only invest in items that you really need.

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

Ascend your main heroes

There are many heroes in the game, but you can only have a team of 5 games for you. So you should only focus on improving the best heroes you have, because you do not have any resources to improve them all anyway.

Choosing the best heroes for your team is a bit tricky and depends on your luck in drawing heroes, but there are some golden rules to follow: All the heroes who have risen are better than the previous ones, but also harder to get. You will most likely get heroes from the legendary level most of the time.

However, rarity comes into play to make things a bit more complicated, but fortunately we have colors that help us. In the beginning, you will probably focus on rare heroes because you have more of them. But eventually you will choose Elite (Purple) and higher, with each elite hero being automatically better than usual in terms of stats.

So, even if your epics are not that good at other epics, they still have better values ​​than rare heroes. This means that you should always focus on training your rarest heroes: once you have more than five to choose from, choose them based on their values, abilities and their type. Until then, choosing only your rarest heroes is a bit more complicated, we’ll put together a separate guide for heroes in-game, but hopefully we’ll help you better align your team with the future.

Join an Active Guild [19659005] Even though guilds are not very large at the moment, they have the Team Hunting Element, which gives you all kinds of great rewards based on the level of the Guild and its unlocked monsters ,

Therefore, you are in an active guild. Where players are active is extremely important in order to get more rewards in the long run and to promote your progress.

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Specialties Later you become more important

Once you have unlocked the Bountry Board after reaching level 3 -12 in the campaign the campaign itself is no longer your priority, but the specialties in the dark forest.

The most important is the Arcane Labyrinth, where your goal is to get as far as possible within 48 hours. After that, the maze settles back and you have to start over. The other areas in the Dark Forest are also good for rewards, so make sure you’re all playing before focusing on the campaign once you’re far enough away.

Activate unions as soon as possible

Unions are available in the library and will give you huge bonuses as you build the required team. The good news is that your friends can pick mercenaries to share with you, and you can all benefit by unlocking all unions in the game.

This is another reason why you can make active friends at a high level as friends, as the benefits of the unions are absolutely amazing. Do your best to keep as many people as possible active – and check your list of mercenaries frequently to make sure you give your friends the best options in your heroes list.

Retired heroes in a rickety car

The Rickety Cart is the place where you can “retreat” heroes. This basically means destroying heroes in order to get resources for them. Out of these resources, the Hero Essence is the most important one needed to develop your heroes at specific milestones.

Although you will eventually retire Blue Heroes, you should only retire early on green until you have a solid understanding of how the game works and which heroes are the best for your team.

Do not retire heroes if you’ve already unlocked them once, because you’ll need the copies to build your Heroes and Ascend Make them better in the Temple of Ascension!

Collect Your AFK Rewards

As the name implies, the game collects rewards even when you are not actively playing. Be sure to collect these rewards as they are extremely useful: you can always retrieve them from the Campaigns menu by tapping the chest there.

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Use the items in your bag

Do not forget to bag your bags from time to time as you will be stacking some important items there. Among the ones you can use, the hourglasses are the most important as they give you some hours of gold in advance.

Do not try to use them early: the more you wait before you use them the more gold you earn because you earn more per minute as your levels progress.

Build the perfect team based on synergies

Once you’re a little bit more in the game and you have more options for heroes, think about how to put teams together with heroes who work well together.

Well, this feature is not much promoted in the game, and you may not even notice it, but you get bonuses depending on how you build your team. For example, if all of your heroes come from the same faction, you will receive a 25% bonus for both their attack and health, while 4 heroes of the same faction will offer a 15% attack boost and a 20% health bonus.

[19659002] It gets a bit more complicated with the hypogean heroes (the one with the purple symbol). They do not activate faction bonuses from other factions, but instead give bonuses to all heroes, depending on how many members they have in the team:
, – 2 Hypogean heroes also increase energy recovery if they are injured by 25%
. – 3 heroes increase the critical rating by 15%
. – 4 heroes increase the critical value Strike Damag by 30%

5 heroes increase the speed by 15
So, if you put together your perfect team at AFK Arena, you should take this into account. The bonuses offered are really impressive!

Do not forget to upgrade your gear!

Even if you have a problem With the rarer equipment and more options, you can improve the equipment your heroes possess to increase their stats.

To do this, just go to your hero tab and tap on a piece of gear you want to update (it must be at least of rare quality, which is a blue icon). From there, tap the “Improve” button and start adding equipment. You no longer have to add extra stars to your equipment and improve them.

These are our tips and tricks for AFK Arena at the moment. We will provide you with more detailed instructions for the more important areas of the game. Visit regularly our website for more articles!