AFK Arena 10 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

AFK Arena 10 Tips & Tricks You Need To Know

A new mobile arena full of heroes and beasts is here!

Lilith Games has developed a brand new mobile RPG, simply known as the AFK Arena . AFK Arena is a deceptively deep game, so let us guide you to the tips that will make you a battle-hardened champion.

Here are the 10 most important tips, tricks and cheats you need to know AFK Arena :

1.Focus on trekking throughout the campaign until you’re comfortable with most other game modes

AFK Arena Tasks to pounce head-on into PvP combat, an increasing number of enemies to defeat, bounty quests, and a variety of other combat modes to enjoy.

2.Let your heroes destroy the opposition and then upgrade them after each completed battle

Eventually you will accumulate a multitude of heroes fighting for your cause.

Before a fight, in the group setup screen, tap the icons in the upper left and right corners of the screen to get an idea of ​​the bonuses associated with certain Hero arrangements.

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3.If you are trying to recruit new heroes, you should choose the “Summon 10” option

If you add new heroes to your army, you can take a trip to the “Noble Tavern“. You have every opportunity to recruit new characters through different types of collectibles.

4.Reset your common heroes in the Rickety Cart and use whatever they return to you for your higher level heroes

The best heroes in AFK Arena It happens to be those who are rated “Rare” or “Elite”.

5.Travel to the Ascension Temple once you have three specimens of a particular hero

Remember, as we mentioned, the “Summon 10” option is the best way to recruit new heroes?

6.Choose relics that will boost your health and defense during Maze Play, and do not forget to use Wizard Heroes

In “The Dark Forest” is the “Arcane Labyrinth“, a grid-based combat mode that resets its layout every 48 hours.

The relics you should always equip are those that give your group a health, energy, and defense-based advantage.

7.Use the other modes in the Dark Forest and the Ranhorn

The Dark Forest and Ranhorn modes offer countless additional features.

If everything is unlocked in both modes, you should spend some time getting everything you have access to.

8.Go to the chat, add some friends and use them to increase the number of heroes

Sun AFK Arena The Friends option allows you to add up to 30 online friends to your friends list.

Complete your 30-friends list quickly, so you’ll always have a huge selection of companion points to collect from friends and recruit heroes.

9.Keep track of your completed quests and head off to your unfulfilled quests

In the main menu, the “Quests” tab is located in the upper right corner of the screen.

10.Do not forget to reach the goals associated with events and choose the right time to break your golden chest

Another series of achievements that you should regularly achieve are the successes associated with “events”. Events usually give you great items just to log in on different days, while other event types allow you to do a certain number of tasks in a single day

Once you’re ready to end your daily game session AFK Arena Touch the golden chest in the main menu before saying goodbye. Gather a healthy portion of the rewards you earned in the background during the game.

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