AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

AFK Arena Beginner’s Guide

Ascend your main heroes

There are many heroes in the game, but you can only have a team of 5 games for you. So you should only focus on improving the best heroes you have, because you do not have any resources to improve them all anyway.

Choosing the best heroes for your team is a bit tricky and depends on your luck in drawing heroes, but there are some golden rules to follow: All the heroes who have risen are better than the previous ones, but also harder to get. You will most likely get heroes from the legendary level most of the time.

However, rarity comes into play to make things a bit more complicated, but fortunately we have colors that help us. In the beginning, you will probably focus on rare heroes because you have more of them. But eventually you will choose Elite (Purple) and higher, with each elite hero being automatically better than usual in terms of stats.

So, even if your epics are not that good at other epics, they still have better values ​​than rare heroes. This means that you should always focus on training your rarest heroes: once you have more than five to choose from, choose them based on their values, abilities and their type. Until then, choosing only your rarest heroes is a bit more complicated, we’ll put together a separate guide for heroes in-game, but hopefully we’ll help you better align your team with the future.

Join an Active Guild [19659005] Even though guilds are not very large at the moment, they have the Team Hunting Element, which gives you all kinds of great rewards based on the level of the Guild and its unlocked monsters ,

Therefore, you are in an active guild. Where players are active is extremely important in order to get more rewards in the long run and to promote your progress.

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Specialties Later you become more important

Once you have unlocked the Bountry Board after reaching level 3 -12 in the campaign the campaign itself is no longer your priority, but the specialties in the dark forest.

The most important is the Arcane Labyrinth, where your goal is to get as far as possible within 48 hours. After that, the maze settles back and you have to start over. The other areas in the Dark Forest are also good for rewards, so make sure you’re all playing before focusing on the campaign once you’re far enough away.

Activate unions as soon as possible

Unions are available in the library and will give you huge bonuses as you build the required team. The good news is that your friends can pick mercenaries to share with you, and you can all benefit by unlocking all unions in the game.

This is another reason why you can make active friends at a high level as friends, as the benefits of the unions are absolutely amazing. Do your best to keep as many people as possible active – and check your list of mercenaries frequently to make sure you give your friends the best options in your heroes list.

Retired heroes in a rickety car

The Rickety Cart is the place where you can “retreat” heroes. This basically means destroying heroes in order to get resources for them. Out of these resources, the Hero Essence is the most important one needed to develop your heroes at specific milestones.

Although you will eventually retire Blue Heroes, you should only retire early on green until you have a solid understanding of how the game works and which heroes are the best for your team.

Do not retire heroes if you’ve already unlocked them once, because you’ll need the copies to build your Heroes and Ascend Make them better in the Temple of Ascension!

Collect Your AFK Rewards

As the name implies, the game collects rewards even when you are not actively playing. Be sure to collect these rewards as they are extremely useful: you can always retrieve them from the Campaigns menu by tapping the chest there.

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Use the items in your bag

Do not forget to bag your bags from time to time as you will be stacking some important items there. Among the ones you can use, the hourglasses are the most important as they give you some hours of gold in advance.

Do not try to use them early: the more you wait before you use them the more gold you earn because you earn more per minute as your levels progress.

Build the perfect team based on synergies

Once you’re a little bit more in the game and you have more options for heroes, think about how to put teams together with heroes who work well together.

Well, this feature is not much promoted in the game, and you may not even notice it, but you get bonuses depending on how you build your team. For example, if all of your heroes come from the same faction, you will receive a 25% bonus for both their attack and health, while 4 heroes of the same faction will offer a 15% attack boost and a 20% health bonus.

[19659002] It gets a bit more complicated with the hypogean heroes (the one with the purple symbol). They do not activate faction bonuses from other factions, but instead give bonuses to all heroes, depending on how many members they have in the team:
, – 2 Hypogean heroes also increase energy recovery if they are injured by 25%
. – 3 heroes increase the critical rating by 15%
. – 4 heroes increase the critical value Strike Damag by 30%

5 heroes increase the speed by 15
So, if you put together your perfect team at AFK Arena, you should take this into account. The bonuses offered are really impressive!

Do not forget to upgrade your gear!

Even if you have a problem With the rarer equipment and more options, you can improve the equipment your heroes possess to increase their stats.

To do this, just go to your hero tab and tap on a piece of gear you want to update (it must be at least of rare quality, which is a blue icon). From there, tap the “Improve” button and start adding equipment. You no longer have to add extra stars to your equipment and improve them.

These are our tips and tricks for AFK Arena at the moment. We will provide you with more detailed instructions for the more important areas of the game. Visit regularly our website for more articles!

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