AFK Arena tips & tricks

AFK Arena tips & tricks

Lilith Games recently launched the AFK Arena for mobile phones, a beautiful idle RPG game that immediately made us addicted. And we’re here to show you a bunch of AFK Arena tips and tricks in a full strategy guide to help you make the most of this great game.

With dozens of heroes unlocked and new levels reached. AFK Arena has something for every player that does exactly what makes the game so impressive. And as I said, we are here to help you get better in this game.

So do not waste a second and let’s look at some tips and tricks for the game below!

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Focus First on the Campaign

You want to get as far as possible in the campaign as fast as possible, as this will unlock most of the content of the game and give you some great rewards that will make your life much easier

After unlocking some interesting features in the Dark Forest (especially in the Labyrinth), you should focus on the campaign until you reach at least the first level of the third level. For a beginner, progress is fairly fair, and you’ll probably have over 20 heroes gathered so you can build a strong team.

Then you play the campaign as often as possible to do

Bring Gems to Summon Heroes in Batches of 10

Although gems are the main currency in the game, Lilith Games are extremely nice and they offer an early one ton of gems for free. After only playing for a few hours, you’ll have over 5,400 gems available, giving you 2 stacks of 10 heroes each.

Make sure that you buy Heroes for the first time only in batches of 10 each in the Noble Tavern. If you do, you are guaranteed to get a rarer Hero, and each time you do it you will pay less than unlock each Hero individually.

Ordinary Hero Heroes Are Useless [19659005] The Heroes of Common are absolutely useless in the game and you should not invest resources to improve them (especially not above level 10). Their only benefit is retirement for resources. So do not worry about letting them go as soon as you have them.

Add 30 Friends ASAP

friends are extremely important in the game because they are very important.

Make sure you add 30 active friends as soon as possible, and keep the list up to date with people who send you daily rewards. That way, you’ll unlock 3 heroes every day, and even though you only have a 2.41% chance of having an elite hero in a friend stamp summon, it’s still better than nothing.

If you do not have any real friends playing AFK Arena, go to the chat and post an “add me” message: your list will be full soon!

Keep track of the various stores (especially Labyrinth) [19659005] There are various shops where you can buy items with the different types of currencies you earn in the game. Best of all is the Labyrinth Store, where you can easily buy soulstones for rarer heroes: For 45,000 labyrinth stores, you can choose one of 4 monthly Ascend Tier Heroes. That’s a really sweet deal!

Other stores also offer good deals, but not as good as those in the labyrinth store for active players. In any case, you should constantly review them and only invest in items that you really need.

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