GreedFall Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks

GreedFall Beginners Guide: Tips And Tricks

GreedFall is a fantasy roleplaying game that gives you a lot of freedom in story and character development despite the traditional game mechanics. Learn in our guide the best tips for a successful start and what you have to watch in the game.

In this guide we tell you:

  • The best tips for character development.
  • What counts in the fights.
  • How to solve quests without violence.

In GreedFall, A mysterious plague, the so-called Malichor, plagues your continent. As a player you go in search of a cure on the spared island Tir Fradi. But this is full of dangers: Huge monsters, indigenous peoples and conflicts between the prevailing factions, face unforeseeable challenges.

In this guide we introduce you to how you can make the perfect start and what you should pay attention to when playing. If you want to know what you can achieve in the game, we recommend our GreedFall Trophy Guide.

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Explorers will be rewarded in GreedFall

The world of GreedFall is not just big, but also rich in secrets and puzzles. In every corner of GreedFall can be found loot, so take a good look around. Some of it you can directly collect, another is in locked treasure boxes , you have to crack first.

For this you need the ability “lock cracking”. At the beginning of the game, you only have to award one talent point that you make the most sense of. Even in the very first town, Serene, you will find a dozen treasure chests that you can open with just one point in “Castle cracking”.

Two other important talents are strength and science. By strength you can perform wide jumps, which open partially new areas. With science you bring weak walls and walls to collapse, exposing secret areas and hiding places.

GreedFall: The best tips for fighting and traveling

The fighting in GreedFall can quickly become confusing and hectic. Use your tactical break as often as necessary. Meanwhile, you can think of a battle plan and put the most important potions, spells and weapons on hotkeys.

Firearms and spells are especially strong at the beginning of the game. This will do you a lot of damage from a safe distance and even stunning the opponent for a short time. As the game progresses, enemies become more numerous and aggressive, almost always harassing them. Melee weapons and abilities are becoming increasingly important, so you should not forget them.

What you should not have too much of is the other stuff. Thick armor, hammers, two-handed and other equipment load your load enormously. At the beginning you only have a capacity of 300 , which will be reached after a few quests. Sells so regularly weaker equipment at the dealer or stores them in your house.

Tips on weapons, armor and balance in GreedFall

Those who feel at home in close combat should pay attention to two special values ​​in addition to the damage: armor damage .It shows how much anger she receives per attack. The higher the value, the better.

When your anger bar is 50% charged, you can perform the special attack of your equipped weapon. At 100%, you can use the special attack multiple times or perform a special ability that you must unlock first.

Since almost every opponent in GreedFall has armor , the value of armor damage is very important. Once an opponent’s armor has been completely destroyed, your attacks will do extra damage. Only then does the actual attack damage of the weapon come into force.

The opponents also hit hard. For this reason, a high balance value is important in all battles. He prevents you from being thrown back or stunned. Therefore, we recommend to use the attribute Stamina to get started, because it gives you an additional 100 Health points and increases the balance value.

GreedFall: convincing and manipulating

GreedFall gives you the freedom to solve conflicts in several ways. So if you’re less interested in fighting, so much more in convincing and manipulating, skill your hero accordingly. Through the talents of charisma and intuition new dialogue options open up, allowing you to complete many quests without bloody carnage.

Conflicts can also be avoided by choosing the right outfit . For example, if you want to enter the territory of a warring faction, you can avoid conflict by creating appropriate faction clothing. Alternatively, you also have the opportunity to creep into the enemy camp.

The stealth function is also useful in combat, to surprise opponents from behind or to move into strategic positions.

GreedFall was released on 10.09.2019 for PC , Xbox One And Playstation 4 . If you are a trophy collector , we recommend the PS4 version, because only there you can get the platinum trophy.

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